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 Yangyu Competitiveness


    We have the new development thought mature foreign trade company complex compound.

   Xiamen Yangyu Trade Development Limited Company had been established more than ten years, It always relies on the keen sense of smell, understands clearly the market profession the slight change, reforms gradually by the pure foreign trade company for has the Internet gene new foreign trade company, and develops the trade platform unceasingly.

   The Yangyu Company has the specialty supply chain management system, observes strictly supplies five big principles which the chain manages, listens attentively tothe market demand promptly, the design of our shoes product is close to the customer demand, and we have the rich production resources, the development production category design and the development, must provide the various safeguard for the customer.


We have the specialty production service todevelop the platform.

   The Yangyu Company concentrates the independent research and development design, from the development, designs to the production, the store house, each link all emphasizes rigorous and the efficiency, the pursue quality and the quality.Fromat first to the footwear raw material compared to with the choice, to color matching, as well as to the comfortable degree and the artistic degree evaluation and so on, all has the extremely strict examination flow, will befor the purpose of the high quality service establishment in above the highquality product, considered for the customer, will be responsible for oneself.


We can provide the highest quality productfor the customer, the most sincere service; We can provide the munificent welfare and the comfortable work environment for the staff.

   The company is located the Xiamen center office, the transportation convenience, the marketplace is lively, the convenient customer to visits works with the staff.At the sametime, the ocean space company carries on the Chinese moral excellence, providesthe sincere service, and the good faith serves the human, wins the customer bythe high quality product and the service the trust and the approval, causes staff's work by the good treatment and the working condition to be more effective.

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