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Yangyu Company Profile

Xiamen Yangyu Trade Development Limited Company is a fair footwear design,the development,the production,the sale in a body integrity labor trade body company, devotes for a long time to the footwear product export trade.The company had been established in 2003,has the independent brand as "Gition", "Ridget" and so on , for several years by the technological innovation,the service marketing took throughout the development foundation, and specialized changes into the customer by the good faith to provide the most perfect product and the service, more than ten years accumulation saved continuously for the company in the foreign trade domain has gotten down the abundant strength. 

The corporate design production product coverage is comprehensive, the product including footwear products and so on male and female track shoes, basketball shoe, tennis shoes, baby shoe, outdoors shoes,walking shoe, sandals as well as slipper, its product sells in distant markets areas and the country and so on Europe, Americas, Australia, mainly cooperates the brand to have "DISNEY", "FILA", "ACER" and "SKECHERS" and so on. The company has several hundred staffs at present, is fastidious theuser friendly management, manages the management idea deeply the Xiamen Tradeunion's support and the encouragement, always has the honor to receive the trade union "family of the staff" the star class evaluation, in 2015 has the honor to receive the title of "family of the four star staff".

Address:362Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian, ChinaConstruction Building2008unit    Tel:+86-0592-2056776    Fax:+86-0592-5313586

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